By Christina Kanu @MissKanu
I want to dispel a myth about leadership. People think that only certain people can be leaders. That is far from the truth. Anyone has the ability to be a leader. Granted, there are different types of leaders. Some leaders will be in the public eye while others will be doing the behind the scenes work. It does not make one leader better than the other. In order to be a leader you have to believe in yourself. It sounds cliché but it is the truth.There are many lists on the internet of what leaders should know. I have compiled a list that is different then what you will traditionally find.

Stop trying to be a leader because you want to be seen

Do not take a leadership role because you want people to know who you are. It is not about being seen. When things go right you may be applauded but when things go wrong you will be the first person to blame.


All that glitters is NOT gold

The titles that a leader receives such as CEO, President, COO, Executive Director etc are wonderful. However, do not think that a person simply was handed that position. It took many years of sacrifice. There are benefits to being at the top but it always comes with a price.


A planner will become your best friend

A leader will always have a million things on their mind. It is important to invest in a planner that fits who you are. It does not matter if it is electronic or the good old fashioned paper planner. A leader must stay organized with appointments, meetings, events, and deadlines.


Me Time is Essential

You will burn out if you do not take time for yourself. It is important each day to block out time for you. Sleep does not count as me time. You need time to just relax and do things that make you happy. It can be listening to music, going for a walk, or enjoying a hot cup of tea. Take this time to reflect and block out the world. Me time is a way to recharge and regroup as a leader.


Leadership is a Lonely Road

There will be days where you feel that you do not have anyone on your side. This is true for every leader. A leader might not start off with many people but do not be surprised if your relationships change. People will not always understand everything that you are going through. Even though the road will at times get lonely NEVER give up.


Let go of Dead Weight

Anything that distracts you from your vision is counterproductive. Dead weight can kill your dreams. If a person keeps dead weight around they will see what happens to their vision. It will be harder to focus with these distractions.


Do Not Tell Everyone Your Dreams

Close your mouth. Not everyone needs to know your dreams. You do not need to tweet or post about everything going on. Sometimes it is better for people to be surprised. Dreams can often change therefore keep them to yourself.


Mentors are Mandatory

As a leader, you need someone to guide you. I do not know of any successful person who did it all on their own. A mentor is someone who did it before you. Therefore, that person can steer you in the right direction.

Celebrate Everything

It is easy to celebrate the big things in life such as awards or recognition. However, why wait for that. Celebrate everything ! It does not matter if it is small to other people. If it is important to you then celebrate. Take yourself out for a meal when something wonderful happens in your life. Always be proud of yourself. Do not wait for other people to clap for you or give you a round of applause

Stay in Your Lane

There are too many people trying to step out of their lane. Do what you know how to do. There cannot be a monopoly over leadership. Do not be threatened because you do not know everything. That is fine. Leadership gives other people an opportunity to exercise their gift. Things get complicated when there are too many cooks within the kitchen.


Photo Credit SDFCS.Org