I hope that in 2015 people become more supportive. It amazes me that when people see their friends accomplishing a goal there is not an outpouring of support.

How can someone be your best friend or your ace boon coon and you do not support their initiatives? It makes absolutely no sense.

Things are changing in society. People want to turn up for everything. However, why are we not “turning up” when our friends do something positive in the world. And what I mean by turn up I do not mean going to the club and popping bottles. What I mean is supporting them the way you would want someone to support you. Everyone wants to be celebrated but it is amazing how it is hard to do it for others.

I have found a consistent concern among my clients. That is that they do not have people supporting them. They have plenty of friends but few people to share their dreams with. As a result, there are many dreams that die. These dreams do not come to life. When they share their dreams with their friends they are sometimes met with “laughter, doubt, or negative energy”.

This is a problem. Who is your support team ? Do you have more people you can gossip with then share your goals ? Do you have more people you can party with then plan your future with ? Do you have more people to attend your birthday party then your community service event ?

Before you go a day further I encourage you to figure out who is your support team. People cannot live their life in isolation. Do not become a “bubble girl” or “bubble boy”. You cannot be a boss lady in a bubble. I would have never accomplished half of the things I did if it was not for my support team. My supporters have been present for the lows, highs, and everything in between. Everyone deserves a solid support team.

It goes both ways. You have to be a cheerleader too. Support your friends come what may. I know it sounds crazy and time consuming. However, it will always mean the world to the people in your life. It does not matter if you are interested in that topic or not still support. Even simply showing up to the game, speaking engagement, or a service event matters to the people in your circle.

Do not be the person who shows up the last quarter of the game. In other words, be there from the beginning to support your friends. Do not show up after you see them starting to succeed and defy all odds. By that point it might already be too late. Someone else has already filled that void of being supportive.

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Photo Credit: Linkedtraining,com