Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)



There are two months that I love more than anything else in the year. October because it is my birthday month and February because it is Black History Month.

I love that in February we pause to remember the contributions that Black people have made to society. Children work on projects in school. Universities host different speakers. And of course all over social media there are quotes and pictures about Black people. Even the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night wore shirts that said “Celebrating Black History Month”.

However, even though everything I listed above is it important it is still not enough. I say this all the time and I will say it again. Do not wait until February to learn something about Black people. And this post does not only apply to those who are Black.

The history of those of African descent is present everywhere. Black people have made strides in every field of human endeavor. From education to the sciences to the arts and of course in politics. There are so many Black people who have done amazing things and they are rarely recognized. The reason they are not celebrated is because people do not take the time to want to learn about them. We need to stop thinking that 28 days is enough to celebrate our Black brothers and sisters. I think 365 is a little more acceptable. 

I encourage everyone to take another look at how you celebrate Black History Month. Try doing something different this year. And on February 28th do not let that be the last time you think about Black history until February 1st 2016.

Below are a few ideas in ways to celebrate Blackness all the time and not just in the month of February.

Support Black Owned Businesses

Attend history museums with your family and friends

Support Black arts such as plays, documentaries, books, festivals, music etc

Celebrate the accomplishments of Black people in your circle

Volunteer with Black youth.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Frank Cooker and Cooked Up. To support their initiative and purchase a shirt visit www.cookedup.bigcartel.com Proceeds go to the Center for Civil and Human Rights located in Atlanta, Georgia