Written by Christina Kanu (MissKanu)



Every single person reading this article has a dream. My question to you is are you sitting on it ?



I love listening to people talk. I hear people talk about the things that “they would like to do”. Or my favorite, “If I had more time I would do X”. Whenever I hear people say these things I ask them why are you not pursuing your dreams. Usually people will look at me crazy when I ask these questions. However, it is a genuine question.

Every single person was created with a specific purpose. The longer a person waits to execute their dream the greater the chance it will never happen. I am going to say that again. The LONGER a person waits to execute their dream the GREATER the chance it will NEVER happen. Time does not wait for anyone.

The number one reason people sit on their dreams is because they are afraid of it. What happens if your dream actually comes true ? Will you be ready to receive the doors that are opened ? Will you be prepared ? For example, what if a person had a dream to be the CEO of their favorite company. What happens when that dream ACTUALLY comes true ?

It is imperative that people stop seeing their dreams only in their sleep but making them a reality. If not you will only experience your dreams at night. And eventually, those dreams will disappear.

I have outlined a few steps to pursuing your dreams.

Get rid of every Excuse

Every single excuse that you have throw it out. It is useless. It does not matter how old you are, what your past was, how much money you have, or how busy you are. Get rid of it. If need be, write these excuses out and throw them in the trash can today.

Write out Your Dream

Take the time to write out your dream in its entirety. This is your foundation for whatever it is that you want to execute.

Confide in a “Dream Catcher”

It is important that everyone has 1 main person they discuss their dreams with. This person is not just your “best friend” or “significant other”. This is a person who can help you make sure this dream becomes a reality. This person might be able to open doors that you could not on your own. This person will push you and motivate you. Your dreams do not need to be discussed with every single person that you meet.

Get rid of Negative Energy

I think I am always telling people this daily. Get rid of all negative energy that is in your life. Do not listen to people tell you what you can or cannot do. Do not listen to people who try to take your dream in another direction. If this is your dream execute it the way that you saw it. There will be people who doubt you. That is fine let them doubt you. Their doubts have everything to do with them and not you.

Prepare for the Journey

When you are chasing your dreams it is hard. You have to find ways to keep yourself motivated especially on the days that you want to quit. Find techniques and strategies that motivate you.


The world needs your dream to happen. Stand up and stop sitting on your dreams.

Dare to Dream


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