Written by Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


When a person is in a leadership role they are destined to get emails all of the time. Emails will come in at any point of the day. You could be in the shower and the notification goes off for an email. You could be on a date and that ring tone interrupts. Or you could be asleep and your phone vibrates nonstop.

I am here to tell you that as a leader you are going to get emails. There is no sense in being mad about it. If you are truly angry that you are getting emails you need to reevaluate why you are in a leadership position.

Emailing is an excellent way to communicate. It is professional and you will always have a record of it. Emails can be accessed literally anywhere.

I have created a few things to remember while emailing.

  1. Keep it Professional-

    Make sure that you do not email the way that you text. Always start your greeting off with a Salutation (Greetings, Good Morning, Hello, etc). Include a subject line in your email that signifies what the email is about (Meeting, Event, Reminder, Funds Needed, etc). Do not talk about things that do not pertain to the subject of the email. Keep it very concise because people do not like to read lengthy emails unless the subject matter requires a long email. Finally, make sure you end with some form of a closing (Warmest Regards, Sincerest Regards, Sincerely etc).


  1. CHECK your emails-

    When you skip over emails, you are eliminating opportunities for your organization or yourself. You never know what could come in an email. It could be an internship opportunity, scholarship opportunity, or a co sponsorship opportunity. It is important especially if you are at the top of your organization that you look at your emails. There could be a million dollars waiting for you in your account and you would not know if you did not check.


  1. Be mindful of time-

    This is extremely important. When you are emailing people be mindful of the time. If it is a person that you do not have a strong rapport with then you should email them during business hours (8-6). Do not email a person that you do not know at 3 AM. Some people are particular and will check the time stamp of when the email was sent. Also, if you need someone to do something for you do not WAIT until the last minute to get the email sent out. Plan your emails out. Set reminders if you need to.


  1. Do not let emails control your life-

    Yes, emailing will be a critical part of your life. However, that does not mean they need to control your life. During my collegiate leadership years, I would have my phone alert me for every email. Eventually I turned off that feature. That way I could check the emails at my own pace. Set aside time during the day when you will check your emails.


  1. Do not be a Nuisance-

    Wait before asking a person if they read your email. Unless it is an emergency. If an email is truly an emergency then follow up with a phone call. People who are constantly checking emails hate being asked if a person received their email. Especially if a person just sent it within the last 5 minutes. Be patient and be mindful. If it has been a few days it is best to follow up with another email checking on the status of the previous email.


  1. Email Addresses-

    It is important to have a professional email. When I was younger my email was Dancingurl2009. Once I went to college I had to grow up. Many people in Human Resources or Management Roles will not take a person serious if their email address is not professional. It is ok to have multiple email addresses for multiple purposes. Just be mindful of what you send and which email address you send it from.

If you have more specific questions about email, please send an email to info@christinakanu.com


Featured Image Photo Cred: MarkFavaLoro.Com