Written by Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)

It is so easy to get caught up in all of the nuances of life. Work, school, family, friends, money, organizations, bills, etc. You spend your time worrying about everything else under the sun except for one thing. That one thing is you.

Take a moment and think about it. How much of your day is truly devoted to yourself? We typically wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is look for our phone. Then we scroll down our timelines (Facebook, Insta.Gram, Twitter, etc) and look to see what other people are doing. After that we rush to get ready for work or school. In the first part of your day how much time has been devoted to yourself? None of it.

If you are in a leadership role you spend hours checking emails, planning events, making phone calls, etc. These may be additional tasks to your regular schedule of work and/or school.

Why is Me Time necessary? It keeps you from burning out. When a person is on the go doing whatever it is that they do nonstop eventually they will burn out. One’s passion for what they do will become mundane and could possibly the lack the zeal of when they first started. This applies to many things in life. School, work, relationships, hobbies, etc.

It is not healthy to neglect time with yourself. Sometimes you have to force yourself to be alone. It keeps you centered and grounded. Who are you when everyone else is gone? Do you even know yourself? Do you know what your thoughts sound like? If these questions are difficult for you to answer then you have neglected yourself and Me Time is needed.

I have been that person who neglected Me Time. I was on the go meeting after meeting. Always emailing or on the phone. Always planning and never stopping. I thought that my time alone in the shower would suffice as me time. I was wrong. I knew that I was on a destructive path.

Below are some ways to incorporate Me Time in your daily schedule

Block Out Time

We will block out time for everything and anyone else. Block out time in the day just for you. Daily you should be spending 30 minutes to an hour by yourself. It can be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Treat this time seriously as if it were a date with Bae or a Doctor’s Appointment. Write it down in your calendar or place it in your phone as an appointment.

Create a list of things to do during your Me Time

This can be listening to music, watching a movie, going for a walk, eating at a restraint alone, enjoying a cup of tea, drinking a glass of wine, writing, or anything else. If you have something in mind that you will do it will help you to actually do it.

Do not get distracted

If this means hide your phone then do so. When I am spending time alone I put my phone on silent and Do Not Disturb. Put your phone in the other room that way you are not tempted to look at it. Do not allow for you to be easily accessible to other people.

When others are alone do they want to be bothered? No, so neither should you

Think about it. When other people are spending time alone you are the last thing on their mind. Do not think that the world will fall apart because you did not pick up your phone. The world is still turning and people are okay.

Hold yourself accountable 

Consistently try to keep up with your time alone. If this is very hard for you to do then you need someone to keep you accountable. Ask for a friend to ask you if you are maintain your Me Time schedule. Keep a log of how often you are enjoying this intimate time alone.


Every single day you spend alone you will notice your stress level decreasing. The things that normally worry you will not affect you as much. You will feel happier and enjoy your journey of loving who you are when no one else is around.


If you need further advice on how to incorporate Me Time into your life email me at info@christinakanu.com !

Photo Credit: www.blurrent.com