Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


It is the third quarter of the year. And if we were to all look back at our New Year’s Resolutions we would be kicking ourselves in the foot. Did you accomplish those things on your list? Did you workout as much as you wanted to? Did you network? Did you travel? Did you cut off negative people in your life? And the list goes on.

But before you kick yourself too hard take a deep breath. Sometimes we are extremely hard on ourselves me included. When things do not go our way or according to plan it is easy to start doubting yourself. I want to share something with each of you today.

When Doubt Kicks in tell Doubt to get Out.

You are not perfect so stop pretending that you are. Sometimes life gets the best of us. I have been kicking myself in the foot since August because I had not been writing enough. I was so focused on work and school that I did not have time to write. The voice of doubt made me feel awful. It made me feel that I had failed all of my readers. It made me feel that no one would ever support ChristinaKanu.Com again. But then I had to remind myself that I am human too. And so is each and every one of you.

Never allow doubt to get the best of you. When the meeting does not go as planned it is ok. When friends come and go it is ok. When relationships fail as hard as it may sound that is ok too. Daily you have to pick yourself back up from your broken pieces and try all over again.

Finally, it is one thing when you are internally allowing doubt to affect you. However, if you have external doubters in your life get rid of them immediately. Do not allow for other people’s opinions to lead you to doubting yourself and thinking that you are any less than the fabulous being that you are!

Daily, tell yourself that you are who you are and that is just THAT.

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