Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


On December 19th 2014 I officially launched my website ChristinaKanu.com ! It has been one year since the launch of this project. This is truly a testimony of where faith and hard work will get you.

Over the last year I have published over 25 articles and had thousands of views ! These numbers do not compare to the lives that have been blessed because of this project. I have been able to write about topics that most people do not consider. As a consultant, I want nothing more than to help make the lives of others better. I am so proud that my baby (ChristinaKanu.com) is 1 and that even when the going got rough I did not give up.

I have to be honest with those of you who decide to read this. I was extremely nervous about launching this website. Only a few people knew last year that I was working on this. I did not know how it would be received, if people would read the articles, or if people would be interested in my services. There were many conversations with the amazing Elle Harris (aka my godmother and guardian angel & CEO of World Wide Women Group ) and Rashod Harris (CEO of The Rebel Society and also my godfather by default). They went above and beyond to keep me encouraged and motivated to launch this project and make sure it was done in excellence. From the photos to actually building the site. I am forever grateful. I love you both more than I could ever explain.

Thank you to my cousin Jesse Mills (CEO of Mills Branding) for doing the photo shoot for me last year. That day in the park was the beginning of something new. Those images have gone all over the world and without you none of that would be possible. Thank you for believing in me and seeing my vision.

Another person that I must thank is none other than Jaye Betancourt. My best friend and confidante (Pop Culture Analyst Extraordinaire) He prayed with me about the website and provided nothing but critical analysis for me last year. He also took the time to write out my biography. JB thank you for being a visionary and for your unconditional support. Thank you for reading EVERY article EVERY time. I love you to the moon and back.

I want to thank my entire family for your support over the last year. Especially my mother and father Serwah and Abdul Kanu. I know I am an interesting child. You all birthed a Diva and that is a blessing (most days). Thank you for reading my articles, sharing my articles, and consistently being proud of me.Thank you to my siblings Ahmid, Alhaji, and Lucy. Thank you for loving me and accepting me as your Boss Lady sister even when I get on your nerves.

To my Sorority Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc. Thank you Sorors for supporting the articles and supporting me. I will forever be grateful for the true sisterhood. Especially the home team my chapter sisters Theta Chi (Shoutout to my line sisters Spring 11 FOREVER) and the graduate chapter that raised be Delta Beta Sigma. And thank you to my new home in Atlanta Eta Sigma.

To each and every one of my friends. I will not name you all because that is obnoxious and you know WHO you are. I have the greatest friends in America. Thank you for being faithful to me and for believing in this project. I step out on faith and God allowed me to fly. Thanks for being supportive because not every one has supportive friends. Thank you for reading the articles when you could and thank you for each and every encouraging text message, email, comment, or phone call. I will always remember the support that was given to me and it will always be reciprocated.

Last but certainly not least, to my readers. You all are the GREATEST !!! The number one reason for launching this website was to transform lives. The testimonies I have received have truly moved my heart. It reminds me that I am doing this for the right reason and there is healing and helping power in words. Thank You for your support over the last year.

Big Things are coming in 2016. Keep your EYES and your EARS open for what Miss Christina Kanu is about to do next.

Peace and Blessings,


I attended my cousin Jesse Mills 30th Birthday Party at STK Atlanta.

Photo Credit: CreatureComfortsBeer.com