Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


I love the beginning of sporting events. When the momentum is high and there is only one thing on an athlete’s mind and that is to win. There is anticipation in the crowd about what will transpire during the game. The audience never knows the outcome but yet the excitement remains.

If only sports were real life.

In life people tend to say that they are ready to start a new career, business, relationship, hobby etc. However, what happens when it is time to start? We freeze.

There is something about the word start that scares people. Starting means work, effort, initiative, drive, and taking a risk. Things that we are not always prepared for. Or we feel that we do not have enough of a “following” or enough “likes” or enough of people in our corner supporting the things that we want to do.

Some of the greatest products, initiatives, services, or movements started in the minds of a few people. Imagine if  the Co-Founders of Facebook had decided to wait until they had enough support to launch one of the largest social media websites of our time. Our lives would be extremely different today.

My message to you today is you have to start somewhere. Don’t wait until your name is in flashing lights to pursue your dreams. Pursue your dreams and if the ultimate goal is to have your name flashing then one day they will be.

Stop waiting for the right support system or people to praise you for everything that you do. Be your own cheerleader some days.

You will fail. You will cry. You will feel alone. You will not always succeed. But at least you will know that you were not stuck in pregame mode and actually got to play in the game.

My question to you today is what is stopping you from starting ? Time is ticking do you really have much time to waste ?

Take whatever your circumstance is put it aside and Ready.Set.START.


Photo Credit: BGR.COM

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