Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


The intended purpose of this article is to be a light at the end of the tunnel for someone else. I believe that God allows us to experience certain things in order to set somebody else free.

When I was growing up I was bullied a lot. That is not a “cool” thing to admit but it is true.  It was mainly in elementary school but now that I look back on it the bullying continued throughout middle school and seldom in high school. Many people who have not known me since before college may be shocked. This is something I rarely talk about because I understand that it was a part of my journey. The same way it is a part of many other people’s journey.

I was made fun of for a lot of things. My hair, my skin complexion, sounding like a “white girl”, not knowing how to dance, for not having big boobs, for being too skinny, the way I dressed, and for being good at school. I was never “black enough”, and I was always too happy. I never understood why people did not like me so I just accepted it and continued on with my life. I am not going to say that I did not have friends because that would be a lie. I had wonderful friends growing up. But that did not mean that the bullying stopped. Eventually with each blow from the mouth I became stronger. I decided that I knew who I was and that these people did not have power to control my destiny. I started to put more energy and power towards things that I could control. I loved learning so I focused energy on THAT. I loved being in leadership roles so eventually I was able to take over THAT. Of course as I got older there were people in high school who tried to break me down but I realized that they were not happy with whom they were. Therefore, they had to do something to feel better. If that meant making fun of the girl who could not dress but had a spirit of gold that is exactly what would have to occur.

When I graduated from high school my life had changed. I realized that I was an example to many and that people were truly watching me. As a black girl in an extremely white environment I knew that this was significant and I did not want to fail. I wanted to continue sprinkling hope wherever I went because I realized a lot of people did not have it. It is crazy how the world works. The things that I was made fun of for are the reasons that I was able to succeed in life. I say that to say never ever change who you are for temporary people  and situations in your life.

As I celebrate the official launch of my company I reflect on where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. I had to share this story because it is one that I rarely tell. There may be some people who relate to this story and there may be some who do not. I encourage you to be mindful of the things that you say to other people ESPECIALLY children. Children do not have the same level of wisdom to understand why people are so mean. I remember looking at statistics of teen suicide and it dawned on me why it is so high. We have to do a better job of teaching our children to love other people and to never ever ever judge a book by its cover. You will never be able to fully understand the story inside without reading it.

Peace and Blessings,

Miss Christina Kanu

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