Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


We all have those days and that moment. What is your this ?
Is it:
  • Work
  • School
  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Families
  • Getting Up In The Morning
  • Or even
  • Living ?
I try to give myself a theme to every year in life. 2016 was labeled the marathon because I had Goals on Goals on Goals and I knew that it would be a long year. I hit a few hurdles in the marathon but still continued to leap. But then I hit a point where I was just tired. I am a master planner and organizer so when people talk to me about having “discipline” I look at them funny. The 24 hours are there and the time is delegated and the level of multitasking is on 100. But I just had a moment of not wanting to do “This” anymore?
How do you cope when you are tired ? What do you do when you are overwhelmed ? How do you recover from that moment of wanting to quit ?
Sometimes you have to walk away and come back to a situation. If time does not permit take the longest break that you can afford yourself. If it is a day take it. If it is an hour take it. If it is a nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon take it (That was my solution).
Never be ashamed to have a moment of not being able to do “this” you are human too. It does not matter what type of job you have, the number of degrees, where you went to school, what your marital status is, or anything else. We all have a this and we all have a moment where we want to throw in the towel.
I say it all the time and I will say it again. The moment you throw in your towel that allows others to do the same. Someone is watching you and they want to see you be great.
Stay encouraged even as you hit the different hurdles in life. You too can overcome your “This”. 
Photo Cred: Inc.Com