Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


Let’s take a minute to talk about leadership. As a leadership expert, I am constantly studying, observing, and researching leadership best practices. I watch people’s leadership style and help people determine what type of leader they are.

Over the last few years I have noticed a negative trait emerge in many leaders from international leaders to local leaders. We have too many selfish leaders.

Leadership was never intended to be selfish. Leadership was always intended to be selfless. When you are a leader it is NOT about you. It has never been about YOU. If you wanted it to be about you then more than likely you were never a leader in the first place.

When you are a true leader you understand that there are people following you. These people are watching your every move. That does not mean that your followers will always agree with everything you say or do. However, they will have enough respect and trust in you. For example, if you are a leader of about 125 people and only 20 people vibe with you that is a problem.

What are some traits of a selfish leader?


As a lover of leadership for 20 years, I am able to recognize a selfish leader instantly. Their actions say it all. It is imperative that we stop placing people who are selfish into leadership roles because it will kill the organization, company, initiative, and movement. Being selfish will kill a thing quicker than it started.

When placing people in power or authority over your life, organization, etc. ALWAYS pay close attention. It is never that easy. Ask questions. Do not simply just vote or agree because you do not care. Always care.

Is it possible for a selfish leader to change?  Yes it is possible but it has to happen early on. Eventually habits become your lifestyle. And once something is your lifestyle it is almost impossible to reverse it.

Do you know a selfish leader ? Or are you a selfish leader ? I would love to work with you and/or the individual that you know. For more information contact me at Info@ChristinaKanu.com

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