Written By Christina Kanu @MissKanu


A few weeks ago I was working on a few projects and received a message from the CEO of World Wide Women Group Elle Harris. Her non-profit organization World Wide Women Group was interested in featuring me for their Influenc-HER Profile Series. Immediately, I was humbled. People do not have to recognize you for your efforts. Every single time a person asks to interview me I am humbled and thank God. God always knows the plans for my life.

I am honored to share with each of you my interview with World Wide Women Group ! Thank you to Elle Harris and her entire team for recognizing me as one of the women for your Influenc-Her Profile Series. I hope that my words have the ability to transform the lives of many.

Click here to be directed to the Interview.

Stay Fabulous,

Miss Christina Kanu



Influenc-Her Profile Series: Christina Kanu