Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


What does it mean to have a visionary leadership style ? Of course there are fancy ways that I could word this but I will keep it simple. Visionary leaders view situations and/or people not at their present state but where it has the potential to go. Many of the world’s most powerful and successful leaders have a visionary leadership style. Most often, we do not fully appreciate our visionary leaders until after the vision has come to pass. To be a visionary leader means you must have an abundance of faith, patience, perseverance, and dedication to name a few.

I have the pleasure and challenge of sharing this leadership style with many. A person can identify a visionary leader from a mile away. Visionary leaders are constantly dreaming yet thinking of ways to make their dreams possible. However, visionary leaders do not struggle with their own visions it is most often their interactions with others.

Visionary leaders find their joy in helping others reach their goals. I would like to help deliver a few visionary leaders from the burden that they often carry with having this leadership style.

Stop Trying To Birth Everyone’s Vision

As a visionary leader, as soon as I meet a person I want to help them. I want to know about their dreams, goals, challenges, etc. I love to be a catalyst in helping people get to the next level in their life. But what I have found is the more and more you do this the more and more confusion you have to deal with. People will come to you with a goal and want you to make sure it manifests as opposed to putting in the effort to see their  own dream come to pass. I have seen this situation arise on multiple occasions. It is essential for visionary leaders to be selective. Decide which visions you want to support actively or which visions you will support from a distance.

Not Everyone Needs Your Advice

Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut. I know it is very blunt but I have learned the hard way. Sometimes you will provide advice that is grade A but not everyone is ready to receive it. Save yourself the frustration. Do not waste time fertilizing unfertile ground.

Do Not Forget To Live in the Moment

There will be days where I will be thinking and I will think myself to 2025. As a visionary leader do not forget that you have to get through the moments you are currently living in. Do not get caught up in only 5 year planning that you forget to your year goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. That does not mean you stop dreaming big or long term. It just means you must find balance in your dreaming.

VIEWS from the Visionary

Not everyone views their life in the eyes of a visionary. Some people are truly satisfied with the bare minimum and that is okay. It took me a long time to understand why people did not want more for their lives. Or why people did not put in the effort when all of the resources were around them. Some people catch a vision later on in life. Everyone’s timing is different. Do not try and bring everyone on this Visionary Path with you because the shoes are huge and not everyone’s feet will fit.

Surround Yourself with Other Visionaries

This point is critical. If you do not surround yourself with other people who are thinking and dreaming big then your dreams will die. That does not mean that your whole “crew” or the people you brunch with are visionaries too. That just means you need to have a few people in your phone that you call when an idea comes to you. Those are the people who will not try to scale your plans back or make fun of you. These are the people who will help you make sure that this vision comes to pass.

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Stay Fabulous,

Miss Kanu