By Christina Kanu @MissKanu

I decided today that I was going to write. I haven’t written in awhile for a variety of reasons. I have been extremely introspective the last few months as I transition into motherhood. Other then that I have just been exhausted. Tired from  work, time from school, tired from people, and tired from it all. We all have our seasons of being tired and seasons when we need to take a sabbatical from the norm.

This post is really free form. Not the typical Miss Kanu Message which is short (or long in some people’s eyes). 

The last few months I have been challenged in so many ways. I have had to find the inner strength from within daily. Have you ever just had those seasons in your life when every single day you have to fight to command your day. That has been my life the last few months. 

From sentiments of feeling tired, to exhausted, to alone, to scared, to happy, to anxious, to happy, to hormonal, to sad, to happy, and to everything in between. I have been working simultaneously on birthing two things. Birthing my Master’s Degree and birthing my beautiful black baby boy. Both of which have no definite due dates. My son’s due date is June 8th 2017 but babies come when they want. Anyone who has been on the thesis journey knows that degrees come when they want to. 

Over the last few months I have found that timing is everything. However, never get so caught up in the way you want time to manifest in life. This doesn’t mean to just aimlessly wander. What it does mean is to have a plan but know that the almighty creator’s plan for your life will always reign supreme. I imagined my 2017 to be very different. From personal to business to academic. The last quarter of the year that changed in many ways more than one.

But the beauty in everything is that the lessons I have learned along the way are priceless. I needed a reminder that you can be Boss Lady every single day Miss Christina Kanu but at the end of the day your journey will turn when you least expect it and that is okay. 

I am a huge advocate of trusting one’s journey. I am so happy that in the midst of the storms, hurricanes, sunshine, and snowstorms that I was able to trust my journey and I am a stronger and more confident woman today because of it. 

I doubt anyone is still reading but if you are hey !! It is rare that I let the masses into my inner thoughts because as public as I am I also have a sense of privacy as we all should. I encourage you when you find yourself in a place of transition and change to never forget how resilient you are. Resilience can only be tested during challenging times. 

With Nothing But Love,

Miss Christina Kanu