Written By @MissKanu

We are always concerned about what happens next. Before we can even accomplish a goal we are thinking about the next one. I am not arguing that one shouldn’t have a plan in life. I am arguing that we need to enjoy the process a little more.

I will be graduating with my Master’s in African American Studies from Clark Atlanta University on Monday May 21st 2018 at 8:00 AM. I am sure you could sense the excitement from my previous sentence. I have been on this journey since August 2014. I never thought that graduation would come. And now it is a few weeks away. I don’t even know what to do with myself. It hardly feels real. Graduation hasn’t happened yet and people are asking what are my next steps. What is the plan Christina ? What are you going to do next. My answer is simple. I am going to breathe. Breathing is also a part of the process. And we like to skip that step. I didn’t get a MA degree to be able to breathe. I also didn’t get a MA degree to have an expensive piece of paper. I worked arduously  for this degree to be able to improve the lives of Black people daily. That is the simple and short answer. I do have plans that I want to execute. I have projects I want to work on. I have another degree that one day I will start on. But for right now I want to breathe.

As we are working towards our dreams we have to respect the periods of rest. Every year cannot be about the grind. Some seasons in your life require you to rest. You have to catch your breath in order to continue your marathon. It is essential. Without these days, weeks, months, or sometimes years we eventually burn out. It is inevitable. Along the course of your journey make sure you rest. And when you finish a goal be sure to rest. Don’t allow people to force you into skipping your resting period. The notion “You can sleep when you are dead” is BS. If you forego rest then you most certainly will be sleeping permanently very soon.

Work and rest go hand in hand. Never forget it.