Written By Christina Kanu @MissKanu


Here is to Year 3.

In 2016 I didn’t know everything. Nonetheless, I decided to start my consulting journey. The last three years have been nothing short of exciting.

There are many highs that come with business. New clients, new experiences, paid invoices, and people from all over the country contacting you for your services.

There are also a lot of lows that come with business. People skipping consultations, not getting paid, a drought in your clientele, and feeling that your business really doesn’t matter.

In spite of the lows and highs one thing has remained consistent since 2016. I fall more and more in love with consulting every day.

I love being able to jump on the phone with a client or sit in a meeting provide strategies that will change their lives. I love being that catalyst that gets a project going. I love when a client shares their business dreams with me and I see the sparkle in their eyes.

All of these reasons are why I started Christina Kanu Consulting LLC. I wanted to show people that you don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you “It is Your Time”. No your time is whenever you deem it your time. Every year my business has grown. From clientele to revenue it is growing. I have stopped accepting everything as a project because I value my time and efforts as a business owner. I don’t work any hour of the day and I respect my weekends. Daily I am mastering mom life and ceo life.

I am a better woman because of Christina Kanu Consulting. I am a better woman because of my clients. I am better because each day I am influencing the next generation of Girl Bosses and for that I am proud.

Thank you to everyone who has rocked with me since 2016 when I took the leap of faith. Thank you to everyone who has spoken life into my business. Thank you to everyone has referred a client, booked a consultation, had me a part of their team, or reposted anything from tweets to advertisements.

Cheers to Three Years and much more to come.



With Love,

Christina Kanu
Chief Executive Officer
Christina Kanu Consulting LLC