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Three Years of Christina Kanu Consulting LLC

Written By Christina Kanu @MissKanu


Here is to Year 3.

In 2016 I didn’t know everything. Nonetheless, I decided to start my consulting journey. The last three years have been nothing short of exciting.

There are many highs that come with business. New clients, new experiences, paid invoices, and people from all over the country contacting you for your services.

There are also a lot of lows that come with business. People skipping consultations, not getting paid, a drought in your clientele, and feeling that your business really doesn’t matter.

In spite of the lows and highs one thing has remained consistent since 2016. I fall more and more in love with consulting every day.

I love being able to jump on the phone with a client or sit in a meeting provide strategies that will change their lives. I love being that catalyst that gets a project going. I love when a client shares their business dreams with me and I see the sparkle in their eyes.

All of these reasons are why I started Christina Kanu Consulting LLC. I wanted to show people that you don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you “It is Your Time”. No your time is whenever you deem it your time. Every year my business has grown. From clientele to revenue it is growing. I have stopped accepting everything as a project because I value my time and efforts as a business owner. I don’t work any hour of the day and I respect my weekends. Daily I am mastering mom life and ceo life.

I am a better woman because of Christina Kanu Consulting. I am a better woman because of my clients. I am better because each day I am influencing the next generation of Girl Bosses and for that I am proud.

Thank you to everyone who has rocked with me since 2016 when I took the leap of faith. Thank you to everyone who has spoken life into my business. Thank you to everyone has referred a client, booked a consultation, had me a part of their team, or reposted anything from tweets to advertisements.

Cheers to Three Years and much more to come.



With Love,

Christina Kanu
Chief Executive Officer
Christina Kanu Consulting LLC
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“What happens next?” A Plea for those who REFUSE to Rest


Written By @MissKanu

We are always concerned about what happens next. Before we can even accomplish a goal we are thinking about the next one. I am not arguing that one shouldn’t have a plan in life. I am arguing that we need to enjoy the process a little more.

I will be graduating with my Master’s in African American Studies from Clark Atlanta University on Monday May 21st 2018 at 8:00 AM. I am sure you could sense the excitement from my previous sentence. I have been on this journey since August 2014. I never thought that graduation would come. And now it is a few weeks away. I don’t even know what to do with myself. It hardly feels real. Graduation hasn’t happened yet and people are asking what are my next steps. What is the plan Christina ? What are you going to do next. My answer is simple. I am going to breathe. Breathing is also a part of the process. And we like to skip that step. I didn’t get a MA degree to be able to breathe. I also didn’t get a MA degree to have an expensive piece of paper. I worked arduously  for this degree to be able to improve the lives of Black people daily. That is the simple and short answer. I do have plans that I want to execute. I have projects I want to work on. I have another degree that one day I will start on. But for right now I want to breathe.

As we are working towards our dreams we have to respect the periods of rest. Every year cannot be about the grind. Some seasons in your life require you to rest. You have to catch your breath in order to continue your marathon. It is essential. Without these days, weeks, months, or sometimes years we eventually burn out. It is inevitable. Along the course of your journey make sure you rest. And when you finish a goal be sure to rest. Don’t allow people to force you into skipping your resting period. The notion “You can sleep when you are dead” is BS. If you forego rest then you most certainly will be sleeping permanently very soon.

Work and rest go hand in hand. Never forget it.

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My Six Month Motherhood Reflection

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)



When Jayce was first born I had a list of things I wanted to do to capture my journey as a mother. I wanted to write a blog post every month. I was very ambitious. That is why it has taken me months to write this. I have been capturing my journey via photos, diary entries, and random notes ion my phone. However, I wanted to be able to share publicly. I decided this week that come what May I would write on the day Jayce turned six months. So here I am baby on the boob and laptop in my lap. I am just going to let the words flow so this will truly be a stream of consciousness post.

When I found out I was pregnant in October 2016 I was scared. I didn’t know how all of this would work out. I knew my life would be different. No longer would it be about me. There are so many things women take for granted before becoming a mom. I used to come home and take naps until I felt like waking up. I am not sure what a nap is anymore. Or the ease of deciding to go out for a night with the girls. Also, my 5 AM gym sessions had to cease. The list goes on and on.

But the beautiful thing about pregnancy is that it is long (40 weeks and 1 day for me). I had time to reflect and prepare for the changes. I did lots of reading, had plenty of conversations, and most importantly I prayed. I don’t think I have ever prayed the way I did when I was pregnant. I was nervous about birth. The concept of contractions scared me. Everything was overwhelming. I remember the last week of my pregnancy I was in a MOOD. I was fat, tired, in pain, and over it. I asked Jayce every second of every day to just come on out. I was sick of everyone telling me “In God’s time” or “At the right moment he will come”. At one point I locked myself in my room, put on my headphones, and just read. I didn’t want to be bothered or disturbed. My actual due date was June 8th. I should have known that Jayce would be stubborn like his parents. On June 8th my labor started but it was on June 9th at 5:13 PM at Emory University Hospital that we met our beautiful baby boy Jayce Carter Kofi Wells.

The moment I saw Jayce I cried. Actually, the moment Jason told me that Jayce had so much hair I cried. My birthing process was everything I wanted it to be. I had an epidural, I had music playing, and I didn’t throw up during labor. I am terrified of vomit. When I heard Jayce cry and I saw his face, I immediately knew what love actually is. He was perfect. Every mother says that about their kids. And as a mother I completely get it. I was exhausted from the birthing process. I told Jason before I had Jayce that after he was born I wanted a ginger ale. I didn’t care where he got it from or how far he had to go. I knew I wanted a ginger ale. Very random request but I knew I needed it. The first night at the hospital I couldn’t stop staring at Jayce. I barely slept. Little did I know that the next few weeks would be the initiation that babies put their parents through.

People would ask me how I was and the answer was “tired”. The level of exhaustion I felt was real. I hate the saying of “sleep when the baby sleeps”. That doesn’t work all of the time. Moms have to eat, cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills, breathe, etc. I was eating breakfast at lunch time and lunch at dinner time. My concept of time was completely off. I was always busy with Mom Life. But I loved every single minute of it. I wanted my time with Jayce to be special. Was I stressed? Yes. Was I exhausted? Yes. Did I miss going out with my friends? Of course. But I knew that to be a mother is a gift. This is something that not everyone gets to do. So I didn’t complain about the dirty diapers. I didn’t complain about the spit up. I didn’t complain about missing out on events and activities. I just lived in the moment with my baby.

My goal as a mother was never to be perfect. I didn’t want to be the perfect mother. I just wanted to be perfect for Jayce. I wanted to be able to expose him to so many things as a baby. I knew he wouldn’t remember everything but we would have pictures and stories. Once I was able to really move around we went everywhere. I took Jayce on my client visits, to the store, to the pool, on the plane, to the library, to church, and everywhere else. We would sing, dance, play, laugh, read, and snuggle. I wanted every day to be an adventure for him. I learned how to truly mind my business the moment I became a mother. I didn’t want to get caught up in what other people were doing or how they were raising their kids. My mother told me something profound “All the love you have in your heart give it to Jayce. He deserves it”. So that is what I decided to do. Love Jayce with my ENTIRE heart. It is easy as a mother to become consumed with so many other things as opposed to focusing on your child. Whether it is love, social media, work, business, school, friendships, etc. I am not saying I don’t want to focus on other things because of course, I do. But I also never want anything to come between raising Jayce. He is just that important to me.

I was nervous about my postpartum body. I didn’t know if I would lose weight or if it would stay on. My boobs got bigger because I was nursing. My stomach slowly started to go down. And I remained thick as I was before I became a mother. People talked about my “snap back”. And I would be a liar if I didn’t say that I wasn’t happy to have snapped back as quickly as I did. But I still have some work to do. There are some things I put on and I am not happy with the way I look. I have had to change my outfit a million times because things don’t fit how I would like them to. Something that also happened was the thinning of my hair. In the front of my hair I realized my hair was thinning. I was freaking out and had to work hard to get my hair to grow back. Every day when I have my insecure moments I remind myself “YOU JUST HAD A BABY CALM DOWN”. We have to put things into perspective.

Transitioning back to work was exciting. I cried the first day I took him to the sitter but I was fine the next day. It is even more tiring working a long day and having mother duties to tend to. We have found a system that works for us and that has made all of the difference. I am usually ready to pass out at 9 PM.  I am up around 5:30 AM-6:00 AM during the week. I try to use that early morning time for prayer, thinking, and listening to music.

My parenting relationship with Jason has truly been a journey. I am happy that we are great friends and no matter what put Jayce first. Something I have learned and observed is the importance of keeping a majority of things that pertain to your child between parents and that is it. Not all information is for the masses. It is incredibly important to preserve a healthy relationship between parents and be mindful of not letting anything or anyone destroy that relationship. It is so important to both of us that Jayce knows that he is loved and that his parents respect one another.

I can truly say that my relationship with my Mother has been everything since I became a mother. We talk everyday and she helps me navigate through grey areas. She has taught me so much and I would have failed without her.She is truly my best friend and I hope to be like her as I continue my motherhood journey. 

I have had such a strong support system of family, friends, and my sorority sisters. People have truly taken to Jayce and are willing to do anything for him. His godparents are truly from heaven. They look out for this little boy no matter what the circumstance is. It is important to have a village of people when you have kids. I believe there is a village and then there is an even more intimate village. The intimate village is there on a consistent basis and knows what to do without being asked. I am grateful for the people in both. My job as a mother would be impossible without them.

I don’t know everything about being a mother. I am learning daily. All I know is that I love Jayce with my entire soul. As long as I continue to love him everything else will get figured out. Cheers to six months of motherhood and cheers to many more months to come. Thank you God for my little boy.


With Love,

Miss Christina Kanu





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Happy Two Year Anniversary ChristinaKanu.Com !!!!!!

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


Two years ago today I decided to take a risk and launched my website . Over the last two years  I have written several articles which have led to thousands of views. I have received countless emails, texts, comments, and messages about how my articles ignited a change in someone’s life. This makes me smile because I have been living up to my motto “Changing the World One Leader At A Time”.

Thanks to the amazing Rashod Harris from The Rebel Society we relaunched the website in early 2016. My good friend Devin McAllister captured the shots for the new site. This also led to the launch of my consulting firm Christina Kanu Consulting LLC.

Overall, I am proud of the work that has been done over the last two years. It is nowhere near finished and I have so many more things I would like to accomplish.  I am looking forward to future projects, future clients, and continuing to impact people across the globe.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of the love and support over the last two years.

With Love,

Miss Christina Kanu

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CEO Christina Kanu featured in Dear America Documentary

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


I received a phone call about two months ago from the Dear America Director Dennis Chandler. He asked if I would be interested in providing commentary for the community section of the documentary. I did not have to wait to answer because my answer was already yes. I always write about the importance of supporting people even when you do not know where it will go. This was one of those moments.  After preparation and collaborating with my dear friend and photographer Devin McAllister it was time to shoot. This was another example of simply supporting because you care. On September 5th 2016 the Dear America Documentary was released. It is an honor to be a part of such a transformational  project. Also featured in the documentary is Virginia State University Professor Dr. Zoe Spencer. She provides the historical context for policing in America. Special thanks to the Director Dennis Chandler, Executive Producer Elliot Lee, and Associate Producer Devin McAllister.  Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this documentary !


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Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Grass

Written by Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


As I scroll through InstaGram I have noticed a trend. There are always these quotes about “While you were turning up I was doing XY and Z” or “While you were sleeping I was doing this or that”. I absolutely hate these posts. Why is it so necessary to consistently compare our own journey and path to another person? How is it possible to watch your own grass when you are always peeping over at your neighbor’s grass?

Obsessing over another person’s life can cause many problems. When people are consistently comparing themselves to other people it enters people into a competition they did not know they were in. People stat racing against their friends in order to see who can get the best job, drive the nicest car, or take the most lavish vacations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with success. The problem is shoving down another person’s throat in order to make you feel better.

When a person makes a statement “while you were doing X  I was doing this” the attention is automatically taken away from what you were doing. The emphasis is placed on the actions of other people and why they are not making the choice to do what you do. When a person is truly grinding or working on a project there is not enough time to pay attention to the actions of other people. When driving your car on success lane it is important to have tunnel vision.

People have a tendency to always want to “Keep up with Jones”. This saying simply means to live to the standards of your neighbor. If your best friend buys a car you have to buy one too. If your best friend gets engaged than you will not be satisfied until you get engaged too. Now, let me put a pin right here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting success or to have similar things that the people around you have. The problem is when you obsess over it. There is a difference of “I want to live a nice life because I want a nice life” versus “I want to live a nice life because everyone around me is doing great and I feel that I have nothing to show for”.

I have listed below a few things that will help you to focus more on your own grass.

Get off InstaGram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat,  etc from time to time

It is problematic to spend your entire day scrolling on social media. When you spend all day looking at the lives of others it is only a matter of time before you start comparing yourself to the lives of those you consistently pay attention to. It can happen to all of us. There have been times when I see certain things and a thought slips in my mind “I wish that was me”. It places you in a dangerous position because with social media people chose to expose what they want to expose. I have yet to see someone post anything on social media about how they are struggling to pay bills. That is not glamorous so posts that do not add to how we want people to perceive us are left off of our timeline.

Outline a plan for your goals

It does not matter what stage in life you are at, it is always important to have goals. Spend time every few months writing down what your goals are and how you want to achieve these goals. The more time you focus on your goals the less time you have to worry about what another person is doing. If you need assistance with this set up a consultation with me (

Know your intentions

Everything in life will always come back to your intentions. If you ask someone a question of “what is new in life” do not ask to be spiteful or envious. Ask because you truly are curious and truly do care. If someone just lost a job that is not the time to flaunt that you have a corner office with your name on the door. However, that would be the best time to tell an encouraging story to motivate your friend. Be mindful of the types of questions you ask people. Some people can initially tell in a person’s tone why they asked the question. Some people also enjoy making other people feel bad because they are achieving. There are always going to be those people who are ALWAYS achieving something. If their achievements bother you then simply remove yourself from being in the same space as those people.

Accept your Journey

Your journey in life is unique and specific to you. There are reasons that you are doing what you are doing. God did not intend for people to have cookie cutter lives. Every person has an intended purpose and a mission during their time on earth. Your purpose in life is not to be infatuated with the journey of another person. Focus on what you do best and what you love to do. Do not focus on the next person. More than likely the next person is not “checking for you”. When it is your time to achieve something it will be perfect and all of your hard work will be worth it. Wait until your “steak” is ready to be served. Why rush for a basic steak when you could have a filet mignon if you were patient ?


I want nothing more than for everyone to keep their eyes on the prize. Remain focused, remain humble, and your drive on success lane will be extremely worth the ride.


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Welcome to ChristinaKanu.Com


The day has finally come that I am launching my website I would like to formally welcome you all to my website. This website will serve many purposes.

  • First, I will be writing about many topics. These topics will range from leadership advice to commentary on current events. I will also share fascinating articles, videos, books, and pictures.
  • Second, information will be provided about what type of services I provide such as consultations and speaking engagements.
  • Last but not least, this website will serve as a resource. I love to empower people in person and virtually. This will give people a way to interact with me in various capacities.

Please check out the site and share with everyone within your network ! I thank you in advance for your love and support. If you would like to contact me feel free to email me at


Peace and Blessings,

Miss Christina Kanu


Photo Credit: The Rebel Society

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