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CEO Christina Kanu featured in Dear America Documentary

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


I received a phone call about two months ago from the Dear America Director Dennis Chandler. He asked if I would be interested in providing commentary for the community section of the documentary. I did not have to wait to answer because my answer was already yes. I always write about the importance of supporting people even when you do not know where it will go. This was one of those moments.  After preparation and collaborating with my dear friend and photographer Devin McAllister it was time to shoot. This was another example of simply supporting because you care. On September 5th 2016 the Dear America Documentary was released. It is an honor to be a part of such a transformational  project. Also featured in the documentary is Virginia State University Professor Dr. Zoe Spencer. She provides the historical context for policing in America. Special thanks to the Director Dennis Chandler, Executive Producer Elliot Lee, and Associate Producer Devin McAllister.  Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this documentary !


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Is 28 Days Enough ? A critique on Black History Month

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)



There are two months that I love more than anything else in the year. October because it is my birthday month and February because it is Black History Month.

I love that in February we pause to remember the contributions that Black people have made to society. Children work on projects in school. Universities host different speakers. And of course all over social media there are quotes and pictures about Black people. Even the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night wore shirts that said “Celebrating Black History Month”.

However, even though everything I listed above is it important it is still not enough. I say this all the time and I will say it again. Do not wait until February to learn something about Black people. And this post does not only apply to those who are Black.

The history of those of African descent is present everywhere. Black people have made strides in every field of human endeavor. From education to the sciences to the arts and of course in politics. There are so many Black people who have done amazing things and they are rarely recognized. The reason they are not celebrated is because people do not take the time to want to learn about them. We need to stop thinking that 28 days is enough to celebrate our Black brothers and sisters. I think 365 is a little more acceptable. 

I encourage everyone to take another look at how you celebrate Black History Month. Try doing something different this year. And on February 28th do not let that be the last time you think about Black history until February 1st 2016.

Below are a few ideas in ways to celebrate Blackness all the time and not just in the month of February.

Support Black Owned Businesses

Attend history museums with your family and friends

Support Black arts such as plays, documentaries, books, festivals, music etc

Celebrate the accomplishments of Black people in your circle

Volunteer with Black youth.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Frank Cooker and Cooked Up. To support their initiative and purchase a shirt visit Proceeds go to the Center for Civil and Human Rights located in Atlanta, Georgia

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#BlackLivesMatter… Everyday.

By Christina Kanu @MissKanu

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is problematic to me. It is problematic not because it is not true. Black Lives do matter. However, why did it have to take death for the hashtag to evolve ?

#EmmettTill. #Trayvon Martin. #Michael Brown. #Tamir Rice. #Jordan Davis. #Kendrick Johnson. And the list goes on and on. It is devastating that these black brothers lost their lives. These brothers were young. We have to continue to fight in order to make sure that the world knows that black lives matter.

What happens when the hashtags fade ? Will #BlackLives still matter ? Imprint these names not only on your Instagram or Twitter but on your heart. Do not let these names be forgotten.

There are ways to show that #BlackLivesMatter on an everyday basis. I have compiled a list of five.

Celebrate One Another

When something good happens congratulate someone else. Post a picture of the accomplishments of those in your circle. We have to celebrate and encourage people while they are still alive. Encouragement from people you love or even strangers goes a long way.

Community Service

There are many communities that could use a helping hand. Spend some time going into your local community. It does not matter how you help as long as you are helping. It could be as simple as volunteering at an elementary school or feeding those who are less fortunate.

Mentor someone younger than you

I encourage everyone to immediately find a mentee. Take time out of your life to speak life into someone else. There are so many teenagers who need someone to talk to. Share your life experiences with them and steer them in the right direction.

Watch your Language

Words have power. When you say negative things to people it hurts. Phrases such as“You are being really LIGHT SKINNED” or “You are pretty for a DARK SKINNED girl” can be taken offensively. Think before you say, tweet, or post anything.

Support Initiatives

Throughout the year there are so many service projects, initiatives, or causes to support. These causes have a direct influence within the African American community. Find out who the change makers are in your community and link up with them. Something as simple as picking up school supplies to donate. Or donate money to the local youth athletic teams. It might not seem like a lot but it is investing into the lives of young people.

In order to show that #BlackLivesMatter people will collectively have to do many things. It is not enough just to march. It is not enough just to post a picture with a quote from a civil rights leader. It is not enough to just be angry.

Show that #BlackLivesMatter by rolling up your sleeves and taking a stand within your community. That is how #BlackLiveswillMatter Everyday.

Photo Credit WattPad.Com

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