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Happy Two Year Anniversary ChristinaKanu.Com !!!!!!

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


Two years ago today I decided to take a risk and launched my website . Over the last two years  I have written several articles which have led to thousands of views. I have received countless emails, texts, comments, and messages about how my articles ignited a change in someone’s life. This makes me smile because I have been living up to my motto “Changing the World One Leader At A Time”.

Thanks to the amazing Rashod Harris from The Rebel Society we relaunched the website in early 2016. My good friend Devin McAllister captured the shots for the new site. This also led to the launch of my consulting firm Christina Kanu Consulting LLC.

Overall, I am proud of the work that has been done over the last two years. It is nowhere near finished and I have so many more things I would like to accomplish.  I am looking forward to future projects, future clients, and continuing to impact people across the globe.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of the love and support over the last two years.

With Love,

Miss Christina Kanu

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CEO Christina Kanu featured in Dear America Documentary

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


I received a phone call about two months ago from the Dear America Director Dennis Chandler. He asked if I would be interested in providing commentary for the community section of the documentary. I did not have to wait to answer because my answer was already yes. I always write about the importance of supporting people even when you do not know where it will go. This was one of those moments.  After preparation and collaborating with my dear friend and photographer Devin McAllister it was time to shoot. This was another example of simply supporting because you care. On September 5th 2016 the Dear America Documentary was released. It is an honor to be a part of such a transformational  project. Also featured in the documentary is Virginia State University Professor Dr. Zoe Spencer. She provides the historical context for policing in America. Special thanks to the Director Dennis Chandler, Executive Producer Elliot Lee, and Associate Producer Devin McAllister.  Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this documentary !


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Relaunch of

Written By Christina Kanu (@MissKanu)


Welcome to the Relaunch !!!!!!

In December 2014 I took a chance and launched my online headquarters .

It is with excitement and joy that I present to you the relaunch of !

This relaunch was possible because of the talented individuals that I had the opportunity to work with as well as the support of so many !

This website was powered by Rashod Harris and The Rebel Society. It is a blessing to be a part of the #TEAMTRS Family. Rashod you are a visual genius.

I had the opportunity to work with a graduate school colleague Devin McAllister. Devin I appreciate your level of professionalism and excellence in photography. Thank you for your vision and believing in me.

A big thank you to Ms. Leiah Shropshire for styling me. You were there every step of the way and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to Shelby Adai from Adai Make Up Artistry. What a gift you have Shelby. Looking forward to working with you in the future. #InAdaiWeTrust

Thank you to the catalyst of my dreams Elle Harris for overseeing and making sure that everything was perfect.

To my family I love you always for your undeniable support in everything that I do. My strength comes from each of you.

To my friends I appreciate your well wishes,  motivation, support, and encouragement. I can honestly say that I have the greatest friends in the world.

To my Sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc. it is an honor to be your Soror and I appreciate each and every kind word and action displayed by each of you.

To each of my clients it is a blessing to work with you and to help bring color into your lives, businesses, projects, and initiatives.

To my mentees and “Christina Kids” I pray that my hard work is a reminder to each of you that you have the capacity to do everything that you would like to do and more.

To any person who has mentored me I thank you. Without each of you I would not be. The guidance, the discipline, the rigor, the tough love, the encouragement, and many other things I could list.

To my graduate school family at Clark Atlanta Univeristy I thank you for embracing me with nothing but love and support of this project. What a blessing to be surrounded by the creators of the next generation of thought.

And last but certainly not least to God be the glory for the things that he has done. Thank you for strength and vision. My humble prayer is for God to continue to use me to bring hope and vision in the lives of others. Jeremiah 29:11

I encourage each of you to explore the website and share with everyone that you know. I am excited to connect with each of you. Thank you in advance for your support of !

Peace and Blessings,

Miss Christina Kanu


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