Journey to Thirty: Final Stop Life

October is the most introspective month out of the year for me. The amount of time I have spent reflecting and thinking this month is quite overwhelming. However, it was essential and necessary. My last post is very stream of consciousness and may lack form. I intended for it to be that way.

The last few days have been incredibly intense. I have cried tears of joy. And I have cried tears of relief. I have felt an overwhelming amount of happiness because I know that I am ending a chapter and starting a new one.

In my early 20s I spent a lot of time trying to be who I wanted to be but being forced into boxes. So I would live in those boxes until I couldn’t take it anymore. And then I spent my mid 20s on a path to relearning who I wanted to be and becoming unapologetic. I have my moments where I struggle with what people may think of me. But who doesn’t struggle with that? We all have at one point or another.

At almost 30 (we are down to hours) I have come to terms with the fact that I am unapologetically Christina Ckor Saffie Abenna Kanu. Yes that is my whole name. And I don’t want to be anyone other than Christina Ckor Saffie Abenna Kanu. Life is way too stressful when you try to be anyone other than who you were designed to be.

Christina is: Loving, caring, moody, emotional af, intense, business oriented, smart, charismatic, sassy, insecure at times, indecisive, way too trusting,  way too forgiving, and often putting others needs, wishes, wants, and opinions ahead of her own.

I am not a perfect person. And if you think I am please do yourself a favor and remove me off that pedestal.

I have my moments where I am just as confused as the next person. From things as simple as what to eat for lunch to the complexities of life.

The beauty of life is that we were never meant to figure everything out in ONE day. It is a journey. And everyone has their own individual journey. When we learn to respect one another’s life journey and embrace the paths that each of us our on that is when we can truly evolve.

To my 20s thank you for every lesson. Thank you for molding me, throwing me on my face, picking me back up, teaching me who I was and who I am not. Thank you for the people who were here and the people who left. Thank you to those who supported me and thank you to those who didn’t. My 20s don’t owe me a damn thing. I have had so much fun and went from being a cute little 20 something year old to a grown ass woman.

Cheers to another decade down and cheers to another one on the way.

With Love and no regrets,

Christina Kanu