Journey To Thirty: First Stop Happiness

I have learned that you are the guarantor for your own happinessAre there people in your life that make you happy? Absolutely. But you are setting yourself up for failure if you count on other people to be the source of your own happiness. Been there and done that ! 

Happiness is not as complex as we make it out to be. We actually over complicate happiness all of the time. I am guilty of this. I’ve placed myself in situations that didn’t make me happy and wondered why I was sad. Sis that is on you !

Happiness can be found in the smallest of moments. Happiness for me can be:

Snuggles with Jayce

Italian Ice at the end of the day.

Chips + Dip

Listening to a Drake album from beginning to end

Watching Greys Anatomy

A quote that describes whatever I am going through

Deep worship and praise (WAP WAP WAP)

Forehead kisses

Laughing until I cry with close friends 

Wine nights

A hug that makes you feel whole

A text message that provides reassurance

Dancing in the mirror in your underwear to throwbacks such as *NSYNC and Spice Girls 


Photo Credit: Rashod Harris

In my own journey to happiness I have found it essential to create boundaries. I still suck at this at times but I am getting better. Even though I have my Christina moods (because I am human) I am generally a happy person. I love positive vibes, positive exchanges, and finding the brightside in all situations. There are a lot of people who do not operate on this wavelength. In order for me to maintain my happiness sometimes I have had to create distance. It is never personal, it is just self preservation.

When we are not in control of our happiness it can easily lead to periods of depression and dark periods of our life. People are fickle which is why we cannot look to anyone to be the source of our happiness. 

The older I have gotten the more I realized how unhappy a lot of people are. It is incredibly refreshing to engage with people who have a positive outlook on life. People where it isn’t a coin toss on what mood they will be in today.

When I am feeling low I try to get to the root of the issue and reset myself. I am not a pleasant person when I am not happy. And that means I cannot be the best woman, mother, ceo, etc. when I am in a funk.

Happiness makes the difference. And don’t allow for anyone to shame you for being the happy person you may be. That is what the world needs a little more. We need more people who radiate joy and drop pieces of happiness everywhere they go. Happiness is contagious !

Fight for it. Even when it is hard. Fight for your happiness every single day. And don’t let anyone take it away from you. It will get you through every single battle life throws your way.

Stay tuned for the next 4 stops on the #JourneyToThirty.