Journey to Thirty: Third Stop Ambition

When God created me he was quite generous in a few departments. Ambition is one of them.

As Black women it is easy to downplay our accomplishments in order to remain humble and gracious.

I wish we would stop. The world needs to know how fabulous we are and all of the amazing things we are accomplishing daily. There are little girls watching everything that we do in hopes that they can do the same thing. I want to inspire as many of them during my time on earth.

When I have made up my mind that I want to do something I put my all into it and get it done. I don’t allow for anyone or anything to get in my way. You are literally going to have to move if I don’t move you first.

I walk around with Drake’s entire discography playing in my head. As a result, I am not afraid of limitations, boundaries, or boxes. Whatever it takes to get to the next level it is going to take that.

My ambition is the reason why I was double degreed before 30, the owner of my own consulting firm, able to work a 9-5 job (yes I still have a 9-5), maintain an exciting social life, and do all of this as a single mom. But God !

God has fueled my ambition to where my cup truly runneth over. Sometimes I have to sit down because there are so many things I want to do and I am overwhelmed with excitement.

Ambition doesn’t mean that things come easy. Ambition means that you are committed to doing the work at all costs. I have worked my ass off in order to get to where I am in life. And the crazy thing is this is just the beginning.

I have big dreams for the next decade of my life. Dreams that involve expanding my company. Dreams that involve new business ventures. Dreams that involve being able to give back to Black youth in order to help them achieve every dream they have.

People will not always understand your path. They may not understand the sequence of the things you do. They may not understand the choices you make. But it wasn’t meant for them to understand. God gave you the vision for your life.

Dream in color always. Don’t settle for anything less than a life that is well suited for you.

You may have to hustle. You may cry. You may want to quit. But pick yourself to win always.

Ambition is the key to success. Don’t quit on yourself. The chapter isn’t finished yet.

Written by Christina Kanu

Photo Credit: Rashod Harris