The Tea Behind “Tea with CKC”

Here is the tea.

I started Tea with CKC in June 2020 for a few reasons.

I was behind schedule. Before everyone and their Mama launched an IGTV Series during the pandemic the goat Shod Harris mentioned me doing some video content.

And to be honest I was a little chicken. I wasn’t sure what I would talk about and I was afraid I wouldn’t remain consistent.

Then the pandemic came and said “Yall got nothing but time to do the things you were supposed to be doing”. I am glad that I started when I started and continued to produce episodes. A lot of people let their IGTV series die after a few episodes. It helps with expanding your audience more than you know.

And let’s just say that “Tea with CKC” has evolved from me just rambling about whatever to curating a business lesson to help grow businesses and brands. Tea with CKC is filled with tons of laughter, cussing, business strategies, joy, and cameos from the junior consultant himself Jayce.

You have to start from somewhere. If you don’t start you can’t grow beyond your wildest dreams. When I started Tea with CKC I was buying my own tea to brew. Now tea companies small and large are sending me tea for my Saturday tea time. *Sips Tea literally*

I watched tons of IGTV Series during the pandemic. I wanted to learn from others before jumping out there. I’ve outlined a few steps to hosting a successful IGTV Series.

  1. Select a topic that you enjoy that way your series will not be dry.
  2. Try to find your own niche that way you are not speaking on topics that everyone else is already covering.
  3. Select a name that will draw people in.
  4. Remain consistent. Whether it is daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This helps your audience in knowing when to expect your videos.
  5. Spend time planning and as different ideas come to you for future topics jot them down !
  6. Lighting is EVERYTHING. Find quality lighting in your house as well as invest in a ring light or other lighting device.
  7. Advertise at least a few days before and the day of your series. Use your in feed posts + your stories to spread the word.
  8. You don’t have to look like you are runway ready but looking presentable gravitates your audience. This is a great opportunity to showcase apparel from brands you love especially small owned businesses.
  9. Don’t be so consumed with how many people are CURRENTLY watching. The beauty of IGTV are the replays.
  10. Have notes. Whether you use them or not this helps you stay on task.
  11. Be YOURSELF ! People are watching you because they are intrigued by you. IGTV is the perfect opportunity for your personality to shine.
  12. Periodically repost your “oldies but goodies” this gives people an opportunity to catch up in case they missed an episode.

Even though some Saturdays I would love to just sleep in the testimonials behind Tea with CKC are worth every minute. Grateful for the gift and can’t wait to produce more dope episodes for each of you in the future.

Don’t forget to join me each and every Saturday at 10:00 AM EST via @MissKanu’s IG Page.

Written By: Christina Kanu