Mind Over Matter

Chief Executive Officer. Founder. President. Executive Director.

A few titles that describe the person who is in charge.

When I am working with clients one of the first things they say to me is that they want to own a business because they want to be “the boss”. Or “I don’t want anyone telling me what to do”. I listen, take notes, and continue with the consultation.

Running a business is more than just being the boss and getting paid. It is a lifestyle that one has to be prepared to endure. I try to share the ups and downs of business because as a consultant who works with a lot of entrepreneurs I have studied what happens within the first few years of an entrepreneur.

In the beginning everything is exciting. You have selected a business name, worked on your business plan, selected a logo, purchased a website, bought some merch, and did a brand shoot. It is a high where you feel on top of the world.

And then here comes adversity. And that is where the fun truly starts.

There will be days where everything is perfect. There will be days where everything sucks. There will be days with a combination of both. That is business.

There is a lot of uncertainty that comes with owning a business. There is never a guarantee that the business will be a success. And we live in a society that wants instant gratification. Everything has to happen immediately.

Not in business. For some it is overnight. For others it takes years. And this is why the mindset of an entrepreneur is imperative.

Mind over matter. When things get real you have to remind yourself that. On the days where you just want to say eff it remember mind over matter. On the days where you feel that no one is supporting you mind over matter. On the days you want to throw your calendar away and lay on the couch to Netflix and chill remember mind over matter.

Giving yourself grace is also key. The pressure can feel like a lot but take a deep breath and chill. Who cares that you didn’t complete your entire to do list in 5 minutes. And so what if you can’t make a homecooked meal  EVERY night and run your business. Finally, so what that your 2020 revenue was a little lower than planned. Give yourself grace because you know what … you TRIED. And there are a lot of people who haven’t even done that.

2021 is going to be an interesting year in business. A lot of industries are still struggling because of the pandemic. And there is so much uncertainty about when life will return to “normal”.

What I am going to say is you may as well hop in. What the hell are you waiting for ? The tide will never be 100 percent safe. Take a deep breath, trust your intuition, and if business is for you then don’t let anyone stop you.

Written by Christina Kanu