Frequently Asked Questions

How long are business consultations ?

Business consultations range from 30 to 75 minutes. We use that time to develop business strategies and outline a game plan moving forward until our next  consultation.

How can I work with you if I do not live in Atlanta ?

I conduct my consultations via telephone. We are able to communicate via telephone and e-mail for my clients not located in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Do I have to already have a business to work with you ?

My clients range from people who are brainstorming their business ideas to people who have already launched their business. I am happy to work with people who have not already started their business.

Are you available for speaking engagements such as panels, keynote addresses, and workshops ?

I am available for speaking engagements! For rates and availability please click the contact me tab.

What areas of business are covered in our business consultations ?

During consultations we work through the foundations of business, branding, licensing, developing business strategies, generating clientele, conquering business anxiety, and more. Each client has different needs. I work with my clients to determine their needs and create a plan to best serve their business.

How much do you charge for consultations ?

For pricing please review the service options and submit an inquiry through the contact page. Pricing is based on the services needed.